How to Assemble the Juico UNO

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Excerpts from Trudi's blog... The juice itself was delicious (if I don’t say so myself) and super smooth. The juice and pulp are separately effortlessly, and once finished there is practically nothing left inside to clean! Even some of the best brands of electrical high speed juicers are known to consume up to 800watts of power, or more. The Juico UNO, however, only consumes 200w. And here’s where the Juico UNO's lack of complicated components come into their own. Taking the lid off, lifting the Squeezing Screw out and removing the base jug takes about 30 seconds. Rinsing the elements out with warm soapy water (using the handy brush provided) and setting aside to dry takes another minute or so. It’s literally that easy.

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