Hangover Preventing Juice November 30 2015

Nicole at A Little Spoonful Of

My Hangover Preventing Juice.


Fruit and vegetables really can work wonders for the body. They are packed full of vitamin and nutrient goodness ready for the taking. As this is the second in a pair of posts that I am doing in partnership with Thrive Magazine, using the lovely Juico Matt Silver Slow Juicer they sent me, I thought that I would put all this goodness to the test.

Hangovers are horrid. Lets be honest, we have all been there, that awful feeling the morning after when all you want to do is be wrapped in cotton wool and curl up in a ball. I have therefore sought to find the perfect, hangover preventing juice. Admittedly this is no miracle cure, but it is packed full of the fruit and vegetable goodness that will help fight that horrible next-day feeling.


I have recently read quite a few articles suggesting a glass of pear juice, pre-night out, helps to prevent a hangover. Those who drank pear juice, prior to a night on the town saw significantly less effects (up to 21% less) the next day due to the effect of enzymes in the pear on the metabolism of alcohol. Although, so far Asian pears have been the main focus of the study, I am willing to have a go with any pear I can get my hands on.


I have partnered the pear with a number of other fruits and vegetables, all of which have qualities that will hopefully help you feel right as reign in the morning.


Coconut water: as well as being rich in nutrients, coconut water is an excellent at hydrating (better than many of the sports drinks out there).


Beetroot and spinach: both contain high levels of vitamin B which support both the liver and the pancreas. Each leaf is packed full of folic acid, vitamin C and sulphur - all nutrients heralded for warding off any evil hangover symptoms.


Pineapple: is rich in potassium, which gives your body a head start replacing the potassium lost due to alcohol's dehydrating effect.


Ginger: stomach soother and all around anti-inflammatory.


So all you have to do is take two small beetroot, a handful of spinach, one large slice of pineapple and a slice of ginger. Pop them all through the juicer and top up with coconut water.



A glass of this before a night out should do you wonders. Go off, paint the town red and dance the night away.