Cleansing Green Juice Recipe November 30 2015

Curiously Concious

Cleansing green juice recipe

In creating this recipe, I thought I would combine two new passions – first, the Juico UNO juicer. This slow juicer rocks! In comparison to my previous slow juicer, I’ve found it to be very reliable, quiet, and easy to clean too. If you’re a regular in juice bars and want to make them for yourself, it’s a worthwhile investment. And second, the green juice I had while in Cambridge. I made sure to watch carefully when it was made so I knew just what goes into a cleansing green juice.

Cleansing green juice

Serves 1

2 sticks of celery

1/2 medium cucumber

1 medium green apple

1. Start by slicing all the deliciously green produce into finger-like pieces

2. Pop them all into the juicer; I would recommend juicing the apple last

3. Decant into a glass and serve!

As for the pulp, while there’s not much from one juice, you could try making some juice pulp crackers rather than throwing it away!