Scott McArthur

Scott McArthur

Qualified Juice Therapist

January 08 2015

Juicing since 2008, first male NQJ in January 2010

If you're looking for a new Juicer, then look no further, the Juico juicer is the one for you. Being in the juicing profession, you get to use a variety of juicers and the Juico definitely stands out as one of the best. The buying experience starts right from the beginning, I love Juico's modern, clean and fresh branding. On arrival, I was rather excited to see the contents of the wonderful looking box. On the side in huge bold letters "Fresher and Purer than ever before" - "will this juicer live up to its claims?", I thought to myself. Only one way to find out. Assembling the Juico is easy enough, on the instructions there's a nice exploded diagram showing the order in which the components get assembled. One thing I did wonder is how the new user would understand which screen to use with which type of vegetable (there are 3 provided), however I guess they would learn this as they go along.

A benchmark for me is the noise level of the juicer, and whilst Juico certainly isn't the quietest, it is certainly much quieter than its high speed predecessors and (according to the instructions), is much more friendly for the environment too, consuming only 150 watts of power. Second to the volume test is the ease of inserting the vegetabes or fruit, and whilst the juico doesn't except whole fruit, you don't have to cut it up too small meaning you do save a little time. The next test is how dry is the remaining waste, no issue there, I clench an handful in my fist and minimal liquid comes out. Finally, the quality of the juice and this is where slow juicers come in to their own. The low friction slow juicing process makes Juico juice extra tasty, and there is little heat from the mechanism transferred in to the liquid - meaning you don't necessarily have to add ice to the juice. All in all I will say that the Juico is a great product and one that I am all too happy to endorse. Until the next developments in juicing technology (and I am informed Greenis UK have lots more in the pipeline), if you're looking for a cold press juicer, then Juico is a wise choice.

Thanks once again Juico.

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