The Best Slow Juicer?

They say nothing is made to last these days, but at Greenis UK we think different. We are strong believers in another saying, that is "you get what you pay for" - which is why we have created the high specification masticating cold press juicers in the Juico range.

With a 10 year motor warranty, and a 2 year parts warranty, we really do put our money where our mouth is. Our cold press slow juicers are made to last, and if you've ever owned a different juicer, you'll immediately tell the difference in quality should you choose to buy a Juico cold pressed juicer.

Here's some information on why we think our juicer is the best cold pressed juicer...

REASON No.1 - BPA Free

All Greenis UK slow juicers are manufactured using BPA free plastics, meaning your juice is fresher and purer than ever before!

REASON No. 2 - AC Motor with 10 year warranty

The Greenis UK Juico slow Juicer uses an AC motor, as opposed to our competitor's DC motors, which can often fail after a short amount of time and overheat after prolonged usage.

REASON No. 3 - Planetary Gear Box

Our Juico UNO model uses a purpose built DC motor and a high-spec planetary gearbox, meaning pressure on the motor is massively reduced, increasing the life of the DC motor.

REASON. No 4 - Robust Plastics

All Juico and Juico UNO parts come are made with extra thick BPA free plastics, meaning they are far more robust than many other juicer manufacturers. Built to last!

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REASON No. 5 - Energy Efficient

Compared Juico's and Juico UNO's electricity consumption to that of other slow juicer manufacturers. Our Juico's only consume 150 watts and the Juico Uno only consumes 200 watts, compared to up to 600 watts of the competition.

REASON No. 6 - Make Tofu and Nut Butter

Use the fine screen to make lot's of exciting foods, such as tofu, nut butter or even delicious fruit sorbet. The tofu adaptor supplied with the Juico makes this easy.

REASON No. 7 - No more dull juicers

At Greenis UK, we understand that people want their products to match their kitchen, which is why we bring the Juico in 5 colours, or the Juico UNO in a stainless steel finish.

REASON No. 8 - Easy to clean

The plastics used in our slow juicers are no ordinary plastics. The super smoothness of our plastics mean that cleaning is effortless, often a rinse under the tap will do.

REASON No. 9 - Juicing shouldn't be strenuous

Our slow juicers come up with our completely redesigned and unique 'double-edged auger' - made from super tough GE-Ultem material, which is eight times stronger than traditional used materials. This is designed to pull the fruit through the shoot with notches, rather than you having to press down - making juicing easier than ever before. 

REASON No.10 - Easy to assemble

The Juico UNO has only 3 juicing components (compared to Juico's 5) which makes assembly, disassembly and cleaning easier than ever before. Complicated juicing no more!

REASON No. 11 - The choice of the celebrities

We have provided juicers to many celebrities, blogs coming soon to Facebook and Twitter #juicojuicers

REASON No. 12 - Online videos

We are currently shooting online support videos which will show you every aspect of using both the Juico and the Juico UNO cold juicers - no more confusion, easier juicing!

REASON No. 13 - The choice of the juicing professionals

Our juicer has been endorsed by many professional, qualified Juicing Therapists including Scott McArthur - the first qualified Juice Therapist in the UK.

REASON No. 14 - Designed for continuous use

Many juicers are not recommended for more than 15 minutes continuous juicing, however we have used high quality materials and components, meaning you can juice to your hearts content!
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