What's In The Juico Juicer Box

Pulp Pitcher

For catching the waste pulp from Juico

Juice Pitcher

For catching the fresh juice from Juico

Juice Tap

Helps to reduce froth and foaming in some juice

Tofu Box

This can be used to make fresh tofu at home

Juicing Screen 2

Screen 2 of 3, medium sized juicing screen

Juicing Screen 3

Screen 3 of 3, course sized juicing screen

Cleaning Brush

Essential for cleaning your Juico

The Amazing Juico | Versatile

Fruit Juices

The Juico is able to easily juice anything from a soft berry to a hard apple, creating a healthy drink with 35% more juice than conventional juicers

Vegetable Juices

The Cold Press Process of the Juico will slowly juice hard vegetables to leafy greens in seconds maintaining maximum living nutrients and enzymes, just chop them up and off you go


Wheatgrass, aloe leaves, pine needles and other medicinal herbs can be juiced with ease using the Cold Press Process of the Juico, when you follow the simple preparation steps

Nut Milks

Soak almonds, pistachios, Brazillian nuts and many more nuts overnight, add water and place in your Juico for a nutritionally fresh nut-milk

Ice Cream from Frozen Fruits

The Juico can turn your favourite fruits into a fat free, preservative free, beautiful guilt-free bowl of ice cream

Soy Milk

The Juico can replace a traditional soy milk machine, as the Cold Press Process can extract milk from soaked soy beans in seconds

Nut Butters

Although we recommend the Juico Blender for nut butters, soaked nuts processed in the Juico Slow Juicer have the enzyme inhibitors removed making them more digestible. You must remove the wiper blade attachment before preparing nut butter. Limit of 500 grams at a time

Baby Food

The Juico can make healthy food for your baby, juicing fruits and vegetables into either a juice or a healthy pudding full of nutrients and minerals