What's In The Juico UNO Juicer Box

Pulp Pitcher

For catching the waste pulp from Juico UNO

Juice Pitcher

For catching the fresh juice from Juico Uno


Sits on the juicing bowl, this is where you place the fruit or vegetables

Juicing Screw & Screen

We have combined the screw in to one unit unit for the Juico UNO


For encouraging the fruit or veg into the juicing bowl

UNO Motor

Our slowest motor yet at just 35 rpm

Cleaning Brush

Essential for cleaning your Juico

UNO Spanner

For disconnecting the screen from the screw

The Amazing Juico | Versatile

Fruit Juices

The Juico is able to easily juice anything from a soft berry to a hard apple, creating a healthy drink with 35% more juice than conventional juicers

Vegetable Juices

The Cold Press Process of the Juico will slowly juice hard vegetables to leafy greens in seconds maintaining maximum living nutrients and enzymes, just chop them up and off you go